Participation and investment meeting of Yazd desalination and water transfer project

Following the official invitation of Yazd Regional Water Company from a number of selected companies that had previously expressed their desire to invest, implement and operate a desalination project, supply and transfer of water from the Oman Sea to Yazd province, a meeting with The presence of the Governor of Yazd, the representative of Yazd in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the CEO of Yazd Regional Water and the deputies and managers of the Governor and the Regional Water Company was held on 03/03/1400 in the meeting hall of the Water Resources Management Company.

In this meeting, which was invited from the CEOs of seven selected companies with priority in the field of investment and implementation of the project, first Dr. Javadianzadeh (CEO of Yazd Regional Water) a detailed report in the field of project introduction, necessity, project objectives and Presented the policies of the regional water company regarding the project.

According to this plan, desalination operations with a capacity of 250 million cubic meters per year from the vicinity of the Oman Sea (the shore of Mount Mubarak) and after transferring water along 840 km, part of the water needs of industries in Yazd province will be met. The volume of investment required for the project, based on the prices of 1997, is estimated at about 35,000 billion tomans.

In this meeting, the managers of the invited companies expressed their views and opinions in order to quickly implement the plan.

Also in this meeting, the esteemed CEO of Tabesh Company announced the company’s readiness to enter this project, subject to obtaining the report of supplementary economic studies of the project and conducting studies in this regard. Also in this meeting, he expressed the views and experiences of Tabesh Company that can facilitate the entry conditions of the investor and the executor.

In this meeting, Dr. Dashti, the esteemed representative of Yazd city, expressed the serious determination of the Islamic Consultative Assembly to implement the plan. In the end, the esteemed governor announced his support for the implementation of the plan and the creation of a suitable platform for the entry of investors, and issued orders to the relevant authorities in this regard.

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